sequences 1987-1992

Hans Martin Sewcz  1987              Foto: Bernd Hiepe

Hans Martin Sewcz, East-Berlin 1987
photo: Bernd Hiepe

I believe, his series of photographs “Self with agnès b. and Gorbachev, East Berlin, May 29th 1987″ are great examples for his work at that time. The background for this series of images is the meeting of the Warsaw Pact in East Berlin, the state carriages containing Mikhail Gorbachev and other heads of state from eastern europe. He had already applied for expatriation in 1986, a serious step to take in the political atmosphere in the late GDR. In 1988 he was expatriated and he experienced the fall of the Berlin wall and the unification from West Berlin. Many of his works from that time work with serial self-portraits in the form of contact sheets. They are all dealing with defining his place in society.                                  Sebastian Lux, F.C. Gundlach Foundation 2012

Selbstporträt mit Agnès B_475

Self with agnès b. and Gorbachev, East Berlin 1987

Ongoing Art: Aus nicht so ferner Zeit
“From the Not So Distant Past” collects images by leading GDR documentary and street life photographers Sibylle Bergemann, Gundula Schulze Eldowy and Hans Martin Sewcz. Subjects include the Marx-Engels-Forum (Bergemann), everyday working-class life in the GDR (Eldowy) and Gorbachov’s visit to Berlin (Sewcz). Through September 12.
by Katharine Kloster, magazine EXBERLINER, 2010-07-26

link to Deutscher Bundestag: Ausstellung “Aus nicht so ferner Zeit” Mauer-Mahnmal des Deutschen Bundestages ” 2010

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